About us

Chartered accountants like no other

Our accountancy firm office in BedfordGregory Wildman has been an established accountancy firm in Bedford since 1988. The practice has four partners with a wealth of experience in diverse industry and accountancy practice, backed up by a reputable office team and the latest in-house financial analysis software.

Whether you are just starting up in business or feel your current financial management calls for an overhaul, you will always find Gregory Wildman friendly, helpful and sympathetic to your requirements. Think of Gregory Wildman less as ‘the accountants’ and more as ‘the finance department’ – an integral part of your company, always capable of adapting in order to provide whatever particular financial services you require.

Our team of chartered accountants thrives on variety and is passionate about enterprise. This shines through in our work. The value in accounting services is in interpretation and understanding: What do the numbers mean? What can they enable? Is there a better way? Other accountancy firms simply ask, ‘What if…?’ in an effort to provide a solution and hope for the best. With Gregory Wildman, you can trust that our proposals and the predicted outcomes are rigorously researched and justified.

Optimum profit and optimum tax are generic goals for accountants and their clients. We believe that you are well in your right to expect, and demand, more. To prepare a true and fair summary of a year’s transactions is the easy part: the interesting part is understanding how and why the numbers are generated in the first place, isolating factors in order to create sophisticated and well-founded plan for increasing financial success. Actually seeing our hard work pay off in our customers’ success is why we enjoy accounting.